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March 2019 || Week 1

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March 29th 2019

Day 1 / 365 || Week 1

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Back in 2015 I used to live down by the Pike Place Market. I just turned 22, was living on my own and trying to make something out of myself. I used to have my guitar strapped to my back and do some busking, take out my camera to catch photographs of the people, run around and explore the alleys and underbelly like it was one mystery novel that I just had to figure out. I gained life long memories of the people who have lived here for ages and really kept those moments close to my heart. There have been very few times in my life where I knew that I was supposed to be 100% present. I knew to live with this intention when I would come down here. It was so very special to me and I knew it wasn’t going to last forever. The market was going to change like everything else was going to one day. Now in 2019, I am now 28 and that one day has come and it’s definitely not the same.

As the Pike Place market expands and new things are added my heart sinks a little bit. My relationship to the market feels like a relationship one would have with an old childhood friend. You remember all the good times, learned lessons from each other, and even somedays yearned to be taken back, even for just 5 minutes.

A few things that will never be lost in my mind - The nooks and crannies and each new staircase I discovered always amazed me. The characters that have been here have been written in books, but I knew them as my dear friends. The heat I felt as I stepped foot onto the cobblestone because it holds it in so well, and it just made me feel just a little bit warmer.

March 30th 2019

Day 2 / 365 || Week 1

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When I get the question - “Are you a city girl or country girl?” - I still don’t know the answer. I grew up being around the city most of my life and didn’t really know much of a quiet place to go, minus my grandparents house I’d visit from time to time. When I got older I realized that I also very much enjoyed being in a place where it felt like the solitude was all around me.  After almost taking a one year road trip I did find places with open spaces of peaceful privacy that I never really experience before. I love cities in aspects of that I can meet so many people from so many places, from the business types to artists. I love walking around and unexpectedly turning a corner with colors just thrown up on walls and in alleys. I love the countryside because I can get away from all the noise, the pollution, the traffic and can collect my sanity back.

I still haven’t found the answer to this question. I’m not sure if I ever will.

March 31st 2019

Day 3 / 365 || Week 1

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I definitely have a lot of love for animals. I also have a love for travel and for my friends. With all of those combined I am lucky enough to say that I have many friends who trust me enough to watch their pets while they go away for vacation. I feel so lucky to have all these little animals in my life, even just for a short bit. Sometimes I so badly want to dog but I do realize that the travel life doesn’t allow me that kind of commitment. Being able to pet sit for friends is one of the highlights I look forward to.