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August 26th 2019

Day 150 / 365 || Week 24

And so it begins. Another year on the playa, another week of biking with fellow burners, swerving around each other, chasing art cars, bar hoping from camp to camp, joining in on the shenanigans of this all encompassing utopia that is Burning Man.


August 27th 2019

Day 151 / 365 || Week 24

In my previous 2 burns I had barely stepped foot on an art car. I really wanted to, but I couldn’t bear the thought of being stuck out in deep playa with no bike to bail on. Especially when your all the way out by the trash fence and you don’t know for how long. However… you just never know what kind of adventure that would lead to. This year I told myself that this was going to be the year that I would do it. I would get on one and just go for it. I would let the playa take me in the direction it was going to take me in.

Last year we did have our camp art car out on the playa, but Blue Morpheus didn’t leave camp much. This was because it needed some work put in so it wouldn’t get itself stranded away from camp. This year Blue got a lot more love put into her and she really gave the people some memories that won’t be forgotten. Her disco ball swung with glory, her LED lights shined brightly at around her wings at night, and the upgraded speakers gave the people dance parties all around her from day to night. On my first night we took her out to the DMV to get approved and that is when I said YES to an all nighter, deep playa party. She really pulled through on us this year. There was even a story of a couple who came on board who said that 10 years ago they both met while on Blue, and that is when my heart exploded with so much love; I was in deep with emotion. This was Blues 15th year out there and hopefully she makes it again to create more magical stories. I can’t even imagine how many memories have been brought to life while hanging out on good ole Blue.


August 28th 2019

Day 152 / 365 || Week 24

Trying to survive in the desert is hard work. It’s sometimes so hot that your body just wants to rest in the day so it has enough energy to go out at night. One of the hardest parts of being out there is just simply eating a meal. Most of the time my body had shut down to having an appetite. When the sun was out all I wanted was water and rest. I even bought some pre-packaged salads because I thought that would be the best way to get something down the hatchet. ( which I failed to eat most) However, some people out here have played the Burning Man game for so long they know how to take care of themselves. Like this guy - Cap - who I had met on the playa on my first real night out there (magic. pure magic). He taught me what it meant to pay attention to your body. As a veteran burner who has been 6 times, he knows from practice on how to consume lots water, take in food and make time for rest. Plus, he did this thing where he captured me in this dazzy slumber I was in, which I very much appreciate. <3

August 29th 2019

Day 153 / 365 || Week 24

Community. Friends. Camp.

I love it all. I love them all. If I never had started traveling I would have never known what it would be to find friends in distant places. In 2015 I met one of my friends in the Bay Area who ultimately gifted me this experience right here, with his camp, with these people who accept and love me for me, as I do for them. I found myself a community that feels like family. Meeting that one person spread a connection for me to meet others, just like a web that keeps extending keeps getting stronger over time.

When I look at these photos it makes me feel so grateful for numerous things. I think at the top of the list is how much love I feel when I spend time with my pack here.

August 30th 2019

Day 154 / 365 || Week 24

Tool released a new album, and there was a party for this on the playa. There was a huge talk about this album release party and I was happy I was able to see experience a different kind of vibe flowing out there. There was talk about Tool skydiving in to make an appearance. (You gotta love those playa rumors) Even though I knew Burning Man has a diverse group of people running around this desert party, it still surprises me to see such a big community all getting together for things like this. From EDM, to live music, rock, etc… there is so much going on in every corner of this place and there is something for everyone. This is where my parents would have been, which made me feel like its all encompassing. It was great to bump into some of my Lucidity friends out there as well, feeling even more like home to me.

August 31st 2019

Day 155 / 365 || Week 24

There is so much to say about how much this Burn really meant to me. It’s almost impossible to describe it, because this experience I lived has so many emotions attached to it; words don’t seem like enough.

When I came to my very first burn in 2016, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. It almost turned me off from ever coming again. At that time I went with a partner who was already over it before we got onto the playa, which filled my time with anxiety. This burn was a total 180. My time here in 2019 was filled with magic, freedom, flow, silliness, and ease. I met someone whom I connected with right away and the playa definitely provided the burn that I needed AND wanted. I don’t know how it could have been any better. This photo was captured by a camp mate while we were watching the man burn, right before our very eyes.