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August 19th 2019

Day 143 / 365 || Week 23

My step dad and my step dads neighbor, Mark. They are described manly men. (For real, my step dads self proclaimed name is Bob the Builder, believe it or not.) They love fishing, building, working and everything that encompasses what dads do. However I still get squeamish when I see them gutting fish. Especially the catfish that was still very alive when they pulled it out of the cooler. But I have to give them a BIG SHOUT OUT to both of them for helping me get all my Burning Man stuff together. From putting together my bike rack, to drilling my lag screws into my canopy, for letting me use the canopy… to giving me a bike to use, and a cooler…. jeeze they really did help a lot. THANK YOU! Even though their not going to Burning Man, they helped me prepare it was them who was going.


August 20th 2019

Day 144 / 365 || Week 23

Sometimes I get to work in really pretty places. Usually when its professional settings, that is what to be expected. The WeWork buildings and workspaces are all over the city, and many more country wide.


August 21st 2019

Day 145 / 365 || Week 23

Of course, it was that time again, when Stan once again needed some work. Of course, it is with my trusty mechanical friend Phil. (Who was also my first photo a day when he fixed Stan another time!) My AC just had to go out on me just a few days before hauling all my stuff, 3 passengers and their stuff to Burning Man. I thought it would be nice of me to get my window fixed to roll down all the way so I don’t show up to the Burn with 3 dead people in my vehicle. It’s so hard to see Stan break down, even a little. I wonder how much money i’ll pour into him before I decide it’s time to let him go. I’ve had him in my life for nearly 4 years now. Actually, right after Burning Man in 2015 is when we found each other. It’s going to be our anniversary soon. I can’t bear the thought of letting him go anytime soon.


August 22nd 2019

Day 146 / 365 || Week 23

I’ll miss this guy. Cloud, the perfect name for a pretty perfect dog. The way he would nudge his nose right into the crotch of anyone who walked through the door. The times he opened my bedroom door in the mornings with his nose just to say hi. This is my last night at the house before moving onto the next place. I always love when dogs are involved with my home spaces. They make life SO MUCH BETTER. I’ll miss ya buddy.

August 23rd 2019

Day 147 / 365 || Week 23

New place, new vibes. I actually decided to hang up some of my art this time, even though it will only be for one month. This time it really needs to feel like home. To feel like my home It’s my own space in the city. I will already feel like I will be craving the 9:-00 - 5:00 (weird right?) and when I come home I want to feel my own energy bumble surrounding me.

IMG_3042  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

August 24th 2019

Day 148 / 365 || Week 23

More music jams with Testa. He is FINALLY teaching me his new song. Thank god. His music has been rolling around in my head of repeat for WEEKS. I would give you a link, but it’s still in the recording process yall! You have to wait just a little bit longer!

August 25th 2019

Day 149 / 365 || Week 23

First day on the road with my new road dogs. Two virgin burners and two 3rd years onto the destination of Burning Man. A van full of hippies and a beautiful place to head to. The desert of Black Rock City awaits us as we take this 12 hours drive.