Project Reflections & Intentions 

August 2019 || Week 22

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August 12th 2019

Day 136 / 365 || Week 22

I got asked a interesting question today. “How long was the longest place you have lived at in the last decade?”

I had to really think about it. I have had a dozen of times where I have stayed in a place for 3 months, a handful of places I have lived at for 6 months, and of course… traveling doesn’t really count with all those hostels, friends houses, my van, and home stays.

My first ever place of my own was back in 2013, I was 22, I lived in downtown Seattle and it was all mine. I was first tasting the experience of what it meant to be an adult. I was there for a year and half, and I liked it enough for the time I was there. Honestly though… I got bored and felt too comfortable. I think after that that small apartment I wanted to move and groove, explore and see what the world was offering me. I have felt freedom with not having a place to put a lot of money down on, but that of course comes with a different price.

It comes with the thoughts of uncertainty of my future, and if I will be able to commit to a place, to a person or to a lifestyle where I don’t feel like I will be trapped in. It comes with the feelings of future anxiety, feeling indecisive, and maybe making the wrong choice of wanting to feel grounded. It makes me feel liberated in one way and ignorant in another. That question made me think about what I want in my future. Do I want a house? Do I want to settle down? Do I want to figure out if I want to figure it out? I don’t have the answers to my future yet, so I will keep living on what I find is good for me right now.

I’ve been living in a house, accompanied by a housemate and his dog since May, and I leave next week before Burning Man. I will once again be bouncing around, like I do, like I have done, until my trip to Bali. Once I come back, I will have to see what my future holds.

August 13th 2019

Day 137 / 365 || Week 22

You were my first Iphone. My first Apple product (besides the original ipod… which has been long gone). In the beginning it was new and fresh, it was a new start to my mobile life. I didn’t realize that you were going to be a problem only a year and a half later. You stopped telling me which direction I should go. You stopped supporting me in my efforts to get somewhere. It wasn’t my fault you had a defective GPS chip. I tried. I really tried. I even brought you along with me to the Apple store to see if we could repair things between you and I. When I got a professionals opinion on the situation, I honestly knew it was over. He told me it was rare for things to fair like this, but what was done, was done. It was time to let you go.

August 14th 2019

Day 138 / 365 || Week 22

Sometimes, (well… most times) I don’t have have a story or concept of what I am about to shoot. I just see something I like and I capture it. In this instance the sun was going down and I had been running around and working all day, and I wouldn’t be done until well after the sun went down. I was on a very short break and saw the light hitting the stack just as I thought “Damn, I don’t have a photo of today yet. This will have to do.” Then I took it and that was that. That was the story.

The bigger part of this story as a whole is learning, and I am getting it in ways I didn’t think about. Sometimes it’s with my words, how to form and mold the what I am thinking into what the image portrays, and others times, like this time, it has shown me how easy it is to manipulate and add to am image without having to do too much.

August 15th 2019

Day 139 / 365 || Week 22

Lighting. Practice. Using gear. Woods. Nature. Mosquitoes. Flashes. Forgetting. Remembering. Learning.

August 16th 2019

Day 140 / 365 || Week 22

IMG_0090  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

I had the pleasure of working with this lovely lady for the last 2 months, and on most weekends. From stranger, to co-worker, to new friend. Alex I appreciate you so much! I felt like when the weekend came you were my therapy when it came to talking with you! Working on programs like this make me a happy women. Especially when it comes to working in my industry, it can sometimes be hard to be paired with someone you don’t work well with. This was best case scenario right here.

August 17th 2019

Day 141 / 365 || Week 22

I love this boy. So much. He is my ultimate dog best friend and the closest thing I have had in my life for the last 7 years. He is what Toto was to Dorthy. What Old Yeller was to Travis. What Lassie was to Joe Carraclough. What Beethoven was to the Newton family. What Benji was to Paul and Cindy Chapman. What Petey was to The Little Rascals.

Benny is a special dog with personality that makes me understand why I love dogs so much.

August 18th 2019

Day 142 / 365 || Week 22

IMG_0153  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

Another program completed. Another Auto Show series under my event belt. Another Virtual reality game showcased. This was a really good one, with a great staff to work with, and consumers to engage with. Onto the next one!