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September Week 26

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September 13th 2019

Day 168 / 365 || Week 25

It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun.

But really, it’s been a lot of things.

September 12th 2019

Day 167 / 365 || Week 25

I’ve been playing tourist, tour guide and photographer this week. It feels nice showing someone my city again, making it feel fresher than it has in a long time. Along those lines there are now many more memories that have been stored and replayed in my mind from these outings. One season ends as another one starts, just like those chapters people keep talking about. I think I may be ready for it this time.

September 11th 2019

Day 166 / 365 || Week 25

From getting out of the city to go hiking up Rattlesnake ridge to going back into the city checking out the baseball scene.

From the looks of the land from the top I know why this is called the Evergreen State, with miles and miles of trees covering all the mountains in each direction. From the looks of the stadium I know why the Mariners have never only won a world series.

We did do the American things today. We came, we saw, we conquered.

The most surprising thing…. the Mariners actually won. What a wild 24 hours….

IMG_0502  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

September 10th 2019

Day 165 / 365 || Week 25

A night out in the city. Marshall Law Band played at Chop Suey in Capitol Hill, and they killed it. Then the night took me to South Lake Union to have some unexpected tacos and great company on a friends rooftop with a view. With conversation that steered in many mind altering directions. It’s night like these that I really do love this city so much. Summer is coming to a close here and having that fleeting feeling of seasons here gives me a sense of gratefulness to have been a part of it in this lifetime.

IMG_0499  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

September 9th 2019

Day 164 / 365 || Week 25

This was exactly what I needed to walk upon today.

“It’s not the friends you meet, it’s the people you meet on the path that make it worthwhile”.

Although I love my friends, its been a difficult journey keeping a few in my life lately.

September 8th 2019

Day 163 / 365 || Week 25

In the last few months I’ve started to clean up my “friend” closet. I’m not talking Facebook related, I’m talking real life friendships. From family to friends. If you know me, you know that I cherish my friends to an extreme. My friends are the closest thing that I am grateful for.

I dearly love these people I do call friends, which stretch from all over the globe. Sadly, some of these people I love are the people I have to let go from my current life. I still love them, but some of them are no longer serving me. Some feel like a crutch, others don’t put in the effort to understand how I operate. Some of these friendships feel like I’m just holding onto them like a distant memory. It’s really time to clean the closest of who I want in my life. Some of these “friends”’are ones which have been holding me to a standard which is not reasonable nor who have been inspiring me in any direction. It’s time that I take them off the back burner, turn off the heat and put them away.

I truly want the people in my life who are my friends to feel like a family to me. These people are the ones who can forgive me for things that can be forgiven, for the small mistakes I make (because I am human like the rest of us). Ones that understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Ones that can root me on as much as I do them, even if our lives are not at all similar in our day to day. Ones who don’t have an immediate temper and blow up at any given chance. Ones who think of asking “How are you?”, “How are you feeling?”, “How is life going on your end?”.

Like a light switch, sometimes friends unexpectedly turn into acquaintances, and you didn’t even feel the light go out until it is too late.

The question I’ve been recently facing is “When is it time to stop giving them my attention and affection when it’s not reflected or reciprocated?”. The time is now. The time is here. I am in a new chapter of my life right now and I am all accepting of new relationships with people who want to keep building up what we have, leaving it behind or starting new. I am listening to my heart.

September 7th 2019

Day 162 / 365 || Week 25

I didn’t realize how much time I would not be having on my hands when getting back from the Burn. It has taken me a week to clean up everything. From countless piles of laundry, to keeping that hustle and grind on event work, to finally vacuuming, washing, detailing Stan and everything in it. Deplayaing is no joke. Once you think it’s gone, it comes back.

Oh yeah. I also did all this while catching a cold and trying my best to keep a good attitude. It’s been real. Real tiring.

September 6th 2019

Day 161 / 365 || Week 25

September 6th - 2017. Traverse City, Michigan.

2 years ago on this day I just got done exploring a state I never thought I would ever be in, nonetheless road tripping all the way up the UP. I find that when I am walking around small town with cute little mom and pop shops I always try to find the music store. I have usually found them tucked in between a bakery and a book store. These music stores always have so much character, from the instruments to the people. There are talents found inside these walls. I find when I walk into a music store there is some type of jam happening, from either a customer, to a cashier, or sometimes even both at the same time. My favorite line of all time is “Jams that will lead you to the land that’s promised” - which you can find just by walking into an unfamiliar store in an unfamiliar town, and it will make me feel right at home.

September 5th 2019

Day 160 / 365 || Week 25

Home sweet home. I’m in it and it feels like my element, but I also know that being comfortable has been one of my struggles in this life. I don’t understand why that I operate this way. When I stay somewhere for a prolonged period of time it starts to feel stagnant. If I stay somewhere for too long, and get too comfortable I start to get the feeling that I am not doing enough in this life.

I love the view I have from my apartment. I love how cozy I have made it. I love how it feels like my space. I love that I feel like this in these momentary moments.

September 4th 2019

Day 159 / 365 || Week 25

Day one of soaking up this sun while on the job. Walking around in such a beautiful city of Seattle has me in high spirits on days like this. I know that Summer is coming to a close here, and the weather will turn from the Emerald city that is known for to the gloomy state it regresses to once fall approaches. I’m soaking it in as long as I can.

September 3rd 2019

Day 158 / 365 || Week 25

This doesn’t feel real. From Burning Man to corporate jobs. I started up another program and I’ll be working Visa until the end of the month. I will get my time in with this city before I depart it, because this ones requires me to explore different shops and merchants all over downtown until I have hit my goal. The upside of this is that I have a place of my own downtown for a month, which makes my life so much easier in so many ways.

September 2nd 2019

Day 157 / 365 || Week 25

I made it back to the default world after driving 18 hours. I drove it alone and had time to soak in all the memories that had just been created and wired into my mind, and I believe they will be there for life. I made it back to my default home and I will be in Seattle for one more month. Welcome back to the real world.


September 1st 2019

Day 156 / 365 || Week 25

The last night of Burning Man is a special one, it’s the last of the burns when it comes to the Temple. The circle of people who surround this last burn has a contrasting atmosphere from the night before when the Man burns. During Temple burn the mood fills the air with a quiet, somber, and spiritual tone. It’s a place where we come to gather to reflect. It gives space for everyone to think about the the time and experiences we all have made together at this utopia, and a place to thank and remember the ones who are no longer with us, and who have given us the memories and gratitude we hold for them. It was very emotional for me personally. I was pondering how I just lived one of the best weeks of my life, and I cried as the temple fell to the ground. I wept for a lot of reasons, but one being how blessed and bound my spirit and soul felt for being in such a beautiful place with a community who really knows how to feel the feels, and for the ones who had been here before us that have been able to pass on this gift of being alive. Really living. Really feeling.

I didn’t take any photos of this, but I was able to pull a few of these images from a few of my friends out there who captured these moments.

August 31st 2019

Day 155 / 365 || Week 24

There is so much to say about how much this Burn really meant to me. It’s almost impossible to describe it, because this experience I lived has so many emotions attached to it; words don’t seem like enough.

When I came to my very first burn in 2016, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. It almost turned me off from ever coming again. At that time I went with a partner who was already over it before we got onto the playa, which filled my time with anxiety. This burn was a total 180. My time here in 2019 was filled with magic, freedom, flow, silliness, and ease. I met someone whom I connected with right away and the playa definitely provided the burn that I needed AND wanted. I don’t know how it could have been any better. This photo was captured by a camp mate while we were watching the man burn, right before our very eyes.


August 30th 2019

Day 154 / 365 || Week 24

Tool released a new album, and there was a party for this on the playa. There was a huge talk about this album release party and I was happy I was able to see experience a different kind of vibe flowing out there. There was talk about Tool skydiving in to make an appearance. (You gotta love those playa rumors) Even though I knew Burning Man has a diverse group of people running around this desert party, it still surprises me to see such a big community all getting together for things like this. From EDM, to live music, rock, etc… there is so much going on in every corner of this place and there is something for everyone. This is where my parents would have been, which made me feel like its all encompassing. It was great to bump into some of my Lucidity friends out there as well, feeling even more like home to me.

August 29th 2019

Day 153 / 365 || Week 24

Community. Friends. Camp.

I love it all. I love them all. If I never had started traveling I would have never known what it would be to find friends in distant places. In 2015 I met one of my friends in the Bay Area who ultimately gifted me this experience right here, with his camp, with these people who accept and love me for me, as I do for them. I found myself a community that feels like family. Meeting that one person spread a connection for me to meet others, just like a web that keeps extending keeps getting stronger over time.

When I look at these photos it makes me feel so grateful for numerous things. I think at the top of the list is how much love I feel when I spend time with my pack here.